BAKERY GAROO Brand Identity Renewal

BAKERY GAROO is a brand operated in Gangwon-do, Korea, and includes the meaning of adding sincerity. We started rebranding to maximize the delicious experience. Along with the brand's logo type, we renewed the overall visual, including graphic motifs, color systems, font systems, package design, and various applications.

ASNO Package Design

ASNO is a skincare brand for sensitive skin and aims at cosmetic products made from natural ingredients and clean beauty & creuty-free that supports the earth and animals. We proposed a package design including containers and podiums in consideration of the brand's philosophy.

Nutricore Dental Chew Package Design

We designed a package of Dental chew products for Dr. Nutricore's dog, and created graphic design, key visual, and illustration along with the structure of the packaging. The various functional aspects of the product and the trust felt by consumers who purchased it were important.

NUFOTO Brand Identity Design

NUFOTO is a self photo studio brand launched in Sydney, Australia. It was not just an act of taking pictures, but it was intended to be a culture of young people and a new way of archiving. We tried to reflect their freedom and expression on the brand.

Phula Branding & Packaging

Phula is a systematic formula designed by pharmacists and is a skincare cosmetic brand that aims for functional beauty. The history of researching and developing products with the sincerity of the brand whose owner is a pharmacist is included in the entire brand.

Jack&the Brand Identity Design

Jack&the is a European bagel salad bar located in Seorae Village, Seoul. Starting with the history of the owner chef who lived in Europe, the project began, and with modern brand identity, very small wit elements were added. Developed overall visuals of the brand, including packages.

Zeroslash Branding & Packaging

Zero Slash is a scent-based sensory body care brand that suggests rest and relaxation, starting with modern people's concerns about identity. 

It suggests the ideal nature for those who are tired of the city, and refers to each utopia that individuals dreamed of.

TH STUDIO Branding & Website Design

TH STUDIO is the studio of photographer Taehoon Kim in Seoul. We designed the website with TH's overall logo, brand identity, key visuals, and various graphics(motion graphics). The most important thing in the brand's identity was the personal taste of the photographer. This is because TH STUDIO is a photographer itself.

LAULU Brand Identity & Packaging Renewal

LAULU is a brand that provides a bathroom life close to nature based on natural ingredients. We thought about how to show nature in a more modern way when renewing the brand. At the same time, we tried to show the unique functional aspects of the product with nature.

Lifelike Brand Identity Renewal

Lifelike is a vegan and zero-waist e-commerce platform for sustainable consumption. We renewed Lifelike's overall brand identity system(logo, color, typography, packaging, web, etc) starting with a request to break away from the existing calm and emotional mood. It was also intended to appeal to young target customers.

Pixer Branding & Packaging

We considered a brand system in which visual elements can appear scientific and systematic to emphasize its expertise. The core of the design was the keyword 'measurement'. It also included the process of finding the right figures. It was reflected in both the logo design and the overall package design.

Slower Branding & Package Design

We did brand design and package design of naturalistic cosmetic brand Slower. Gradient graphics that seem to come to mind are the identities that best show the flow of nature. And, we wanted to strongly reveal the brand through an identity that is soft but has a twist overall. Slower is a modern reinterpretation of the forces of nature.

Biumhaum Space Identity Design

This is Biumhaum space identity design project. We created web and mobile designs through visual graphic design with the logo of this space. Most concepts were derived from the keyword emptying and connection from the mood of minimal space. Biumhaum is a rental studio where you can freely use space with thoughts.

Morning Poo Branding & Package Design

Based on the graphic design, we designed the package with identity colors and minimal motif. Constipation products that can be repulsive were released in a casual mood. Overall tone manners and art directing also tried to break away from the image of existing healthcare.

Chong Kun Dang Healthcare, Allatme Brand Renewal & Package Design

It is described as a circle or droplet, which concludes that the "connect" between them creates healthy beauty. Inside the sleek form are tightly bound cells, inherent health, and glowing skin. In particular, when considering the overall visuals, we wanted to design the design in line with the current expansion of the online market.

Pestopia Branding & Package Design

The three types of sauce are pesto made from vegetables with different scents and flavors, and they wanted to clearly express their identity outside(packaging). In the logo design, the flexibility of nature that could be anything, and the irreplaceable presence of the city were emptied. And the overall graphic was intended to interpret the appearance of each material in a basic way.

SK LOOKIE Progress Identity Design

It wanted to be seen as a more mature image from the existing image of college student competition activities, and also wanted to increase their achievement. So we focused on redefining the image of the student. The LOOKIE visualized in a more diversified form and displayed their performance in typography.

Barun Pharmaceutical Package Design

Based on the illustration, we designed the package with identity colors and pictures that fit the six products. The illustration was designed minimal based on graphics, and this project attempted to escape the image of existing health care.

Naturence Kefir Lap Branding & Package Design

We wanted to exclude the shapes and intuitive graphics of organs seen in existing lactobacillus brands. The most focused was a different interpretation of premium health products. We tried to find moderation rather than glamour. Small points are located in Packaging, and neutral colors play a role in making the brand richer.

Sseoul Online Platform Identity Design

Sseoul is an online platform project to promote today's modernized Seoul. The categories that are divided into streets, transportation, and buildings can be viewed in the form of archives. It also provides content on movement to help convenience.

Holisticbio G120 Package Design

We excluded images of ginseng or graphics that represent oriental moods. So the design was designed to be close to immune or energy products, and it was completed in a completely different mood from the existing categories. Structure, typography, and color all match the term "contemporary." Furthermore, it includes the future.

Small Dough Branding & Package Design

The baker thought of small dough while making bread because it was a waste of leftover dough while making bread out of it. Inspired by the good smell of butter from baking, it was reflected in BI's typography. And we wanted the overall design to be very casual because it is a small and light bread place. It is most closely related to customers who enjoy this place.

Exhibition Design of Art School for the Disabled

It is an exhibition design project in the form of an archive on art education for the disabled. We tried to express the image of the object brightly and brightly. And, we applied it with various applications, including exhibition graphics. Wall lettering, posters, banners, leaflets, invitations, notes, etc.

Canteen9 Branding & Package Design

Canteen9 is a premium children's nutritional brand. The package design was designed so that children can eat it deliciously and eat it easily. Canteen / Noun / [kæn’ti:n] · A Place in a school, an office, etc. where food and meals are sold, often at a lower than usual price · A complete set of knives, forks and spoons Nine / Noun / [naIn] · The number 9 AM/PM

Lytol Branding & Package Design

They made a flat and unnecessary figure. wanted to think of a certain gender or pull out a mood that wasn't cold or hot from the identity. A specific gender was not recalled, a mood that was not cold or hot was derived from identity. Thus, the most reasonable logo-type form was created, leaving room for consumers to complete their own LYTOL in the market while revealing the brand clearly.

Doosan Solus Myskinsolus Branding & Set Package Design

Based on the philosophy of Basis, value and discovery, it represented a brand that sought honest beauty with stable ingredients and raw materials. As a result, a brand image that was differentiated from the existing Derma brand was created, and the idea that "Derma should be more beautiful" was contained.

Amorepacific Beready White Line Package Design

BeREADY is a men's makeup brand launched by Amorepacific. BeREADY’s white line cosmetics are designed with a greater emphasis on sophistication along with the blue line package. There was also a purpose to emphasize the properties of some skin care functional products. And, the use of bright colors by men's brands also made it feel new.

Seen and Unseen Exhibition Design

It is an exhibition design project of Korean Artist Seoyoung Kim. We conducted interviews to capture the visual identity of the exhibition design and tried to understand her work in detail through a lot of conversation time. The most important keywords in the exhibition were light, two emotions, dots and lines, and I tried to solve these with visibility.

Amorepacific Beready Branding & Package Design


BeREADY is a makeup brand for men targeting Gen Z. It is the first Korean men's makeup brand launched from Amorepacific. Its design is close to a fashion item with a smile symbol so that users can enjoy their makeup experience further. We have expressed how two contradicting keywords such as “Simple” and “Joyful” can create fun value when they are combined into one.

COHACO Branding & Package Design

The most important thing at the beginning of this project was "nature" and "good raw material". So the typography on the front shows the organic form and movement. It has and is arranged in harmony with the existing modern forms. It's about the freedom and fluidity of nature. Curved letters and straight letters, plastic body and wooden lids, independent logo and symbols, packaging, etc.

Moisture Lap Branding & Package Design

It created a soft and friendly brand identity based on the keyword "want to have beside me." The BI and visual of the free curve made the brand's image look that way, and the overall tone played a part. It was also applied to the structure so that it could always be left around and touched.

Chong Kun Dang Healthcare, Allatme Diet & White Package Design

It is described as a circle or droplet, which concludes that the "connect" between them creates healthy beauty. Inside the sleek form are tightly bound cells, inherent health, and glowing skin. In particular, when considering the overall visuals, we wanted to design the design in line with the current expansion of the online market.

The Story of Poopoo Village

This is the character design project of brand Morning Poo. We produced a short character animation. This was created with the aim of alleviating customers' reluctance to the healthcare category. The character design looks more lively through motion graphics, and the story is added to add fun.

Amorepacific Cubeme Double Set Package Design

CubeMe is a skin-specialized health function product brand launched by Amorepacific. This packaging was designed for a skincare product line that helps take care of the skin from an inner level. As an easily chewable tablet, it blends well into a daily skincare routine. In order to lend the brand a cosmetic look, a simple and basic initial symbol along with moderate typography has been developed.

Jongno Foundation For Art & Culture Seochon Map Design

Seochon is a neighborhood that embraces old and new things in Seoul. The traces of time are left intact, and it is now hanging out with Seochon. Walking along an old wall, you meet art and face things. Unexpected discoveries are always interesting. There is no awkwardness, and people are naturally associated with the landscape. Enjoy culture, discover things.

Wrap&Lap Branding & Package Design

Wrap&Lab is an anti-aging functional skincare brand. The beginning of this was to hold on o the passing time. We imagined an image of a modern evolved skin laboratory, and it came out as a result of a visible BI and visual systems. It was designed to work simply but unswerving and practical and hoped it would be strongly perceived by consumers.

Visual Interpretation of COVID-19 Phenomenon

Much time has passed in the time when the crowd has been disbanded and forced to be personal. The physical and psychological distance between people and people has become increasingly distant and the relationship continues to be estranged. The project wanted to see this far-off distance again by the researcher wanted to see it again.

Korea National University of Traditional Culture Exhibition Design

Moooving was an exhibition of the results developed by students and graduates of the Korea National University of Traditional Culture at the Craft Trend Fair. Based on the fact that tradition moves fluidly, Moooving wanted to visually show the process of the movement accumulating in life. The movement is light, heavy, soft and strong.

Three is Life

Archive image for '3' History, numbers, forms, art, and stories are divided into five categories. The purpose of the storytelling of the image itself is to separate and edit the description of the text itself. Information on a wide range of 3 reminds us of Metaphors about human life and allows each recipient to self-reinterpret their meaning.